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Over this week your child can learn to and practice the following:

  • Daily name practice – Trace over dots and also practice copying your name.
  • Daily oral counting practice – Count forwards to 20. “Tell me a number which is one more than 6 etc”
  • Daily weather forecast – what is the weather like today?
  • Daily story – share a book together.  Continue to look for these tricky words in the text – ‘is’  ‘it’  ‘in’  ‘at’ ‘and’ ‘to’ ‘the’ ‘I’, ‘no’, ‘go


  • Watch ’Topsy and Tim go on holiday’

  • Watch ‘Woolly and Tig Beach holidays’

  • In the bedroom – Pack a bag for teddy to take on his holiday.
  • Teddy’s visit to the beach – Adult to put objects in a bag for teddy to take to the beach eg hat, ball, glasses, towel, bottle etc Ask your child what initial sound each item begins with.
  • Using word cards (words written on paper) can you make the sentences – The hat is red.  The ball is black.
  • In the garden/an outdoor space – – Find some stones and build towers – how many stones can you balance on top of one another?  Record your amount on a piece of paper.
  • Sing ‘Mr Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun’