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Ranskill Primary School

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Financial Education Overview

Financial Education Centre of Excellence



At Ranskill, we believe it's vital for our children to develop a good understanding of personal finance, in order to help them plan and manage a range of financial circumstances as they grow older.


We are a Centre of Excellence in Financial Education, highlighting our commitment to rigorous learning experiences for our pupils in this subject. Part of being a Centre of Excellence means that financial education is embedded in our curriculum in order for our children to develop the key knowledge, skills and attitudes about finance.


Our Mission:

Financial Education for Ranskill pupils means, in addition to learning how to respect and manage their money, children will become critical consumers. They will consider the risks and emotions associated with money and understand the important role money plays in our ever changing world.

Financial Education Diversity and Inclusion Statement
Every child has a right to financial education regardless of their background or circumstances. When teaching financial education, ground rules (which adhere to the principles set out in the equality policy) will be established for use within the classroom that all children and staff will follow. The school is aware that financial learning may cover topics which are sensitive, culturally different or that affect the local community. In these lessons, children will be shown how to respond appropriately so that disrespect, taunting and/or bullying of any kind is minimised through knowledge and understanding.

Links for promoting financial education at home: