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Ranskill Primary School

We 'Take Care' and 'Go Beyond'

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School Statement

At Ranskill Primary School, we aim to help each child develop as an individual within a safe, caring and inspiring community. All children are given the opportunity through the school curriculum to achieve their full potential in a safe and nurturing environment, to learn self - respect and care for each other and the world in which they live.


We strive to offer an enabling environment for children and staff, where risks are minimised and well managed, and children are protected from harm and all types of abuse; where staff are vigilant for signs of any child in distress and are confident about applying the safeguarding procedures.


Child Protection

Parents should be aware that the school is required to take any reasonable action to safeguard its pupils. In cases where the school has reason to be concerned that a child may be subject to ill- treatment, neglect or other forms of abuse, the Headteacher is obliged to follow the Child Protection procedures established by the Nottinghamshire Area Child Protection Committee and inform Social Services of the concern.

When the school refers a concern about a child to the Social Services Department, it is not accusing the parents of abuse but requesting that further investigation takes place to establish whether a child is at risk. 


Health & Safety

The Health & Safety leader makes regular inspections together with a designated member of the Governing Body. Reports are made to the Headteacher who ensures any necessary action is taken. The school complies with all national and local Health & Safety Regulations. 



We recognise that parents, carers and family members may wish to record events such as school plays, sports days etc to celebrate their child’s achievements. However it is important that such records remain private and for family and personal use only. Please be very careful if putting your children’s images on the internet, including on social networking sites. If you wish to put images online, and these images contain children who are not part of your family, you must first obtain the permission of parents or carers of the other children concerned.


For further information about taking photographs in school and how the Data Protection Act does not apply to photographs or films being taken for personal use by family and friends please see


Any objections to this policy should be addressed to the Headteacher.