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Relationships and Sex Education

Relatipnships, Sex Health and Education (RSHE) consultation


As a part of your child’s education at Ranskill Primary School we promote personal wellbeing and development through a comprehensive Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHEE) education programme. PSHEE is the curriculum subject that gives children the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live safe, healthy, productive lives and meet their full potential.


Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) will be a statutory subject from September 2020. It forms part of the Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE) curriculum and will be taught throughout the year to all year groups. This covers the following:

  • Relationships Education: building positive and healthy relationships with friends and family members, respect for others, online relationships, positive emotional and mental wellbeing and staying safe;

  • Sex Education: relationships and health, including puberty. This will be taught in an age-appropriate manner across all year groups. 

  • Health Education: teaching the characteristics of good physical health and mental wellbeing.

More information can be found in the policy, linked below.


As part of the new statutory requirements for teaching RHSE, we are required to consult with parents and carers as part of the development and review of our policy. Please find below copies of the draft policy, statutory guidance and sample materials for which we propose to implement from September 2020 as part of our RSHE curriculum. Please note that the sample materials are for the Relationships and Sex Education strand of RSHE. More information regarding our Relationships and Health strand of the curriculum can be found on PSHEE and citizenship


We would be very grateful if you were able to complete the below linked questionnaire to share your feedback as part of this consultation by Friday 24th July.


Parent consultation questionnaire 


Opportunities to discuss this further will be facilitated at our Parental consultation in the Autumn term - more information to follow.

RSHE Consultation letter

Department for Education Government Guidance

Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) Parental guidance

Below are the outlined topics relating to Relationships and Sex education, which are delivered in an age-appropriate manner.

The first is exemplified in the area of Me and my relationships: Relationships and Sex education

Pupils should know:                                                                                                                                               

  • that families are important for children growing up because they can give love, security and stability               
  • the characteristics of healthy family life, commitment to each other, including in times of difficulty, protection and care for children and other family members, the importance of spending time together and sharing each other’s lives
  • that others’ families, either in school or in the wider world, sometimes look different from their family, but that they should respect those differences and know that other children’s families are also characterised by love and care
  • that stable, caring relationships, which may be of different types, are at the heart of happy families, and are important for children’s security as they grow up
  • that marriage represents a formal and legally recognised commitment of two people to each other which is intended to be lifelong
  • how to recognise if family relationships are making them feel unhappy or unsafe, and how to seek help or advice from others if needed