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Ranskill Primary School

We 'Take Care' and 'Go Beyond'

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House Teams


Fostering our “Take Care” Values and teamwork.

Why do we have house teams?

At Ranskill Primary, we believe that house teams play a pivotal role in shaping our “Take Care” school values. They provide an opportunity for pupils to work within mixed-age groups towards a common purpose. For older pupils, they provide an excellent opportunity to develop responsibility and for our younger learners they provide a platform for them to be part of the wider school. 

How many house teams are there?

We have three house teams and they have been the same for many years.  They are linked to Ranskill’s rich history. Each house team has a house emblem and a house colour. These colours and emblems are of particular significance at whole school events such as sports day.




Back in the 9th Century there was a Danish invasion of our area. The Danes named the village Ravenskelf. The meaning of Ranenskelf is “Ridge of the Raven”.  The Raven was consecrated to the God Odin by the Danes. Odin was a principal God of Morse mythology with many powers, Thor was a son of Odin. The literal English translation of Ravenskelf is Ranskill.


The 6th Viscount of Galway, George Edward Arundell Monckton (born 1805, died 1876) lived at Serlby Hall. He became the Viscount in 1834 and was a conservative Member of Parliament for East Retford. He was Master of the Grove and Rufford Hunt and died in a hunting accident. According to the Retford Times on 14th June 1878, 2 years after his death, his family made an offer of money in his memory, £100, toward the building of Ranskill Church.

William Brewster (born 1568, died 1643) had a varied and interesting life and lived for some time at Scrooby Manor. He established the Scrooby Separatist Church, which went against many of the Church of England’s ways. In 1620, as an elder of the Separatist Church, he travelled on the Mayflower to America.  He became a founder of what were known as the Pilgrim Fathers in Plymouth Colony in New England.



How are house teams managed?

All pupils within school are assigned to a house team.  In addition to this, each house team has a year six House Captain and a Vice House Captain. Should a pupil wish to be a House Captain, they must apply for this role and convince their peers that they should be elected to the position.

When is the house system used?

House teams are a fundamental part of daily school. House points are given to pupils, via the DOJO app, to reward children that exemplify the school “Take Care” values.  Each week, shields are placed in order to show the house who gained the most points that week. Each term, the house cup is awarded to the house with the most house points. This will be displayed in the school hall with the successful house’s colours.  At the end of the school year, the winning house will receive the house cup and also a small reward such as extra play time. This will be the house that has achieved the most house points across the year.

How are house teams allocated?

All house teams are allocated equally in each class and year group. Throughout school, children from the same family will be placed in the same house. Once a child is allocated a house team, they will remain in this house for their time at Ranskill Primary School.