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Whole school home learning activities

A little message from our school our wider community...

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Active Notts

Every week Active Notts along with the School Games Organiser will be publishing a programme of activities to help everyone stay fit and healthy.

Active Notts - week 9 - Boccia

Active Notts - week 8 - Sports Day

Active Notts - week 7 - Gymnastics

Active Notts - week 6 - Cricket

Active Notts - week 5 - Athletics

Active Notts - week 4 - Orienteering

Active Notts - week 3 - Netball


It's netball this week everyone. Have fun. I'm sure Mrs Footitt would love to see any of your exploits - maybe we have some budding netball team players out there.

Active Notts - week 2 - Football. 

It is a football week. I am sure that lots of you will enjoy these challenges. Don't forget to enter the competition on Friday for a chance to win prizes.

Active Notts - week 1 - Golf

This week's theme is GOLF. Don't worry - no specialised equipment is needed. I can't make my mind up whether I am going to play with an umbrella and a rolled up sock or a saucepan and a scrunched up piece of foil! There are prizes available too (see the document for details on how to enter). Have fun!

BBC Bitesize lessons begin this week:

Lessons for each year group (Y1 to Y6) can be found here. There are lots of different activities for each year group every week.

Government approved sites

The government have published a list of online education resources for home learning. There are lots of great websites to visit if you would like to take a look for something that you haven't done yet or if you feel like a change. The link to the document can be found here.

(Please note that there are resources for all age groups including secondary.)

Click on the Union Flag icon to find VE Day activities.

Easter Holiday Activity Ideas:







• Fun experiments to do at home –

• Collect leaves from the garden. Use the internet to find out what kind of leaves these are.

• Dissect a flower into its different parts. Stick them on a piece of paper and label each part.

• Put a flower into some diluted food colouring. Write about what happens. 

• Measure rainfall using a jug. Create a bar chart to show rainfall over the week.

• Plant leftover fruit or vegetables. Water them daily and see how they grow. 

• Minibeast hunt in your garden. (Twinkl have checklists available for minibeasts)

• Press flowers and make a piece of art from them. 

• Look at reversible and irreversible changes (eg. Ice, candles, cooking eggs, match burning) Lots of ideas on Twinkl.



• Learn to bake or cook simple meals with limited ingredients 

• 10 minute photo challenge – Take as many interesting pictures as you can within the house. Make a collage from them on the computer. 

• Make birthday/Easter/Father's Day cards using bits and pieces from around the house or flowers from the garden

• Make a den within the house. This can also be useful for children who require a quiet space or some alone time. 

• Pebble painting – Find pebbles in the garden to paint (you could use paint leftover from DIY jobs)

• Draw using different materials (eg. Chalk on outdoor stone)

• 10 minute lego challenge – use lego to build the best thing you can in 10 minutes. Siblings could challenge each other or parents vs children. 

• Pictionary – draw something in 60 seconds. Other people must guess what you have drawn. 

• 3 marker challenge – choose 3 different pens/pencils/chalks/crayons with a blind fold on. Draw the best thing you can think of with these colours. 

• Tie dye/decorate t-shirts using old or charity clothes

  • If you are feeling creative and crafty then have a look at these ideas but ask your parents before making anything and tidy up afterwards.



• Make a playlist of a specific type of music on Spotify, amazon music, youtube or itunes

• Compare music from 2020, 2010 and 2000. Find your favourite song from each decade, sing along to them and write about the artist who performed it. 

• Use Garageband to create your own song or maybe make musical instruments from things in the house.

• Tapping rhythms do different songs. Use different things in the house to create sounds (eg. Ripping velcro, bubble wrap, clapping) 

• Practice and perform a dance for your family 

• If you have an instrument at home, use a youtube video to help you learn a new song on it.

• Apps such as simply piano can help you to learn a new instrument

• Join Andy from Young Voices on Instagram/facebook on Thursday (11am)



• Practice different types of jumps on a trampoline

• Twist it/ just dance games on youtube

• Kids yoga on youtube – this can be done as a family and will allow children the opportunity for mindfulness

• Go noodle website – LOTS of active games to play

• Football/outdoor games in the back garden

• Mini sports day for family (egg and spoon, sack race,  3 legged race) 

• Keepy up practice using youtube 


Mental heath and wellbeing 

• Mindfulness – Go noodle, yoga, mindfulness on youtube

• Reading for pleasure

• Reflect on your day using a diary 

• Going for a walk in the local area. Find a nice spot for some reflection. 

• Eat healthily and exercise regularly

  • Make your bed every day and keep your room tidy.

For our youngest children

The following activities are suitable for all children in school. 


Any Lego fanatics out there? Here is a 30 day Lego challenge for you! We completed day 1 on Monday - out of K-nex. Enjoy!



CALLING ALL YOUNG VOICES (and anyone else who wants to join in)...


Dancing on Wednesday, now you can sing on Thursday with Craig.

Head over to Facebook -



Andy, from Urban Strides is going live at 10am in the morning on Instagram and Facebook. I bet it will be loads of fun.



White Rose Maths are going to be delivering some maths lessons and have loads of resources:


Join us at 10am on Monday


We have now added content for Reception to Y8. Join us on Mon at 10am for your first global maths lesson! We’ll be online to answer questions and share your successes. Use #MathsEveryoneCanAtHome to join the maths party


The first activity is a competition. It would be amazing if someone could win a prize. 

Medicspot is calling all primary school children to share their creative ideas to help encourage frequent hand washing – the best way to keep yourself and others safe from coronavirus.

Find out how you can enter and win £500 for Ranskill Primary School here: