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Ranskill Primary School

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New starters to Class 1 information

Welcome to Ranskill Primary School

We are so pleased that you have chosen to start your child’s school learning journey at Ranskill Primary and we can’t wait to see you all soon.  We have lots of fantastic ideas and resources on the school website home learning pages that we have shared with you, these will enable you to gain an understanding of the things you can do to help prepare your child for school. Some of the most important things for your child are:

  • Developing independent skills (putting on own clothes, going to the toilet by themselves, wiping their own bottoms).
  • Communication - talking about what they are doing and asking questions.
  • Playing games and learning to take turns and using their imagination in their play.
  • We all love to share stories and this is a valuable skill for children to learn to sit and listen to them and then answer simple questions about the story.
  • Encouraging children to sing nursery rhymes and getting them to hear the words that rhyme is also a fun and beneficial activity.

All parents must complete the pupil registration form and return to school before September.  A copy of the registration form can be found here and one will be delivered to your house. 

There are also a few useful websites that we have added to the Nursery web page to help the children develop their skills.

We just want to reassure you at this time of uncertainty that we won’t forget you and will give you as much support as any other year. Our current transition practices will need to be adapted to suit the situation. It is normally during the summer term that we start carrying out the transition period for your child. We will still be talking to your child’s nursery teacher and key worker.  Instead of home visits, we will be making doorstep visits to drop off a special bag for your child and an information pack for parents with all the necessary paperwork that will need to be completed before September.  Together with your child, please go through the starting school booklet and all about me booklet in their bag so that they are familiar with the setting and what will happen on their first day.   


Your child's first day of school is Wednesday 2nd September, 9.00 am - 12.00 pm.  They should enter school via the car park and parents can drop off at the large gate.  A video demonstrating this can be found here. Due to the current situation, parents will need to prepare their children to be dropped off and collected from the car park gate. We are really sorry, but due to current measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 parents will not be permitted in the school building.  Thursday 3rd September 9.00 am - 1.00 pm children will be provided with a school lunch, we encourage all children to try a school lunch on this day, all children will qualify for a universal free school lunch.  Friday 4th September 9.00 am - 3.15 pm.  The following week and for the remainder of the half term the children will attend every day from 9.00 am - 3.15 pm.  Please note the slightly later start time and earlier finish for Class One. This is to stagger the number of parents collecting at the same time and to enable social distancing when dropping off and collecting.  The staggered times will then allow parents who need to drop off and collect older children time to walk to the main pedestrian gate.  On the first day Miss Saunderson from Nursery will be in class so the children have a familiar face, there will also be Mrs Heald and Mrs Sneddon.  After the first three days, the new starters will either be taught by Mrs Sneddon or Mrs Heald.  


We are so excited that you have become part of Ranskill Primary School and we will keep you updated with any information that you need - please keep checking on the school website and your emails.

Please read the parent guide below that will give you all the essential information for your child starting school.

Essential Information for Parents and Carers of New Starters

Below are a few little videos made by the current Class One to show the new starters some of our daily routines.

Our daily routines

Still image for this video

These are the toilets for the girls and boys, each class has their own set.

Still image for this video

We write on our whiteboards each morning. Your can write your name or a pattern.

Still image for this video

We have lots of fun in class.

Still image for this video

Painting Table

Still image for this video

Maths Area

Still image for this video

Making Table

Still image for this video

Reading Area

Still image for this video

Snack Time

Still image for this video