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Home Learning

Week 10 - w/b June 15

This week is Algebra in Maths. There is a 'talk for writing' block and a science and topic lesson. Don't forget to exercise. Find something you like doing or there are the Active Notts units on the website.


English - Talk for Writing


Look at the presentation and then create your own fact file about Greek Gods and Goddesses. You can decide what your fact file will look like.

Week 9 - w/b June 8

For those of you still at home, you may want to look at the 'Oak Academy' lessons. You can pick what you would like to learn about in English, Maths, and other lessons. You may even want to try a bit of Spanish too!


This week is My Money week. Below are some activities for you to do. Read the guide first to help you.
Make your circulation game using the who wants to be a millionaire template. 

Week 8 - w/b June 1

For those of you still at home this week, here are some of the lessons we are doing at school.


Remember to be active every week. This week Active Notts has Athletics activities for you to do.

Week 7

Well, it looks as though this could be your last week of home learning so this week is all about celebrations. Have a good week. Remember to keep posting and messaging me. See you soon - Mrs T

Week 6 - It's SATs week!


Happy SATs week everyone. I know many of you have been completing your SATs revision books so here is your chance to show me what you know. - ONLY JOKING! Your Maths and English tasks this week are to complete some silly SATs papers. (Find them below the home learning sheet.) The theme of your home learning this week is FOOD. Have a great week. Mrs T - remember I am only a message away if you need anything.

Week 5

Hiya - hope everyone is doing ok. This week's learning has a double theme. Some of it is about the environment and there are some activities based on VE Day - Yes you can have Friday off! I will also be posting a photo of myself on dojo with my wonderfully long hair - it would be great if you could share your own hair stories, then I can put together a set of pictures. Have fun, stay safe - Mrs T 

Week 4

Happy Monday everybody! I hope everyone is getting on well with whatever learning you are engaging with. Remember I am only a message away if you need me for anything. This week's learning is based around animals. If you have some learning about animals that you would like to complete, that I haven't put on the sheet, please feel free to do it. I would then love to see it - either email it to me or put a picture on your portfolio / dojo message. Have a great week. Mrs T.

Week 3

Hi everyone! I hope you have all had a fab Easter break. There has been lots of sunshine to enjoy so it has been great to spend time outdoors. Maybe you have some photos you can share with me - I can then put them on the class page of dojo so that everyone can see what we have all been up to. This week the theme of learning is 'Viewpoint'. Let me know how you get on. Mrs T.

Week 2

Hi everyone. I hope you had a good 1st week. I have seen and heard from some of you and I have been really impressed with what you have been doing. For those who haven't found it yet, you can send me pictures of what you have been doing on dojo portfolio. Have fun thinking about your local area this week. Mrs T

Week 1

This week our learning focuses around our family.

If you are looking for a daily maths lesson then Gareth Metcalfe is uploading a lesson everyday to his website. Find them at 

To help you structure your day, make yourself a timetable. Remember to take a break after each different activity you choose to do. Build in time for exercise/playing outside. AND don't forget to eat (and drink). You could even build in some time at the end of each day to tell me what you have been doing on dojo. If you don't know where to start - here is an example. 



Please remember that you do not need to complete 'school work' all day everyday. Learning at home is a lot different to learning in school - you can get through far more at home - so you don't need to 'work' for as many hours. You can keep your brain active in lots of different ways too - cooking, gardening, looking after pets, tidying your room, completing puzzles, playing games, dancing, singing, playing instruments, making up plays/shows, sewing, making things, diy - the list is endless and all make your brain work.