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Physical Development

Little Owls Physical Development

Between the ages of 2 and 3, your toddler’s physical development comes on in leaps and bounds – quite literally! Running, hopping and jumping are high on their daily agenda as they become stronger and more coordinated. They also love practicing more sophisticated skills through activities like drawing, making shapes with play-dough and feeding themselves without too much mess.

As your toddler becomes more independent, you’ll see more and more of their own little personality shining through. But if there’s one thing that all 2 year olds have in common, it’s the boundless energy that keeps you on your toes from morning until night.

With their growing strength and coordination, you’ll see them using their bodies in all sorts of ways. Whether it’s jumping, kicking, running, catching, climbing, swinging or sliding.

Some of the physical developments you’re likely to see during this action packed year include:

  • faster running, and changing direction quickly without falling over,
  • jumping and hopping,
  • walking downstairs one foot at a time, without holding your hand,
  • balancing on low walls,
  • exploring and swinging from climbing frames,
  • using a spoon and a fork fairly well,
  • putting simple jigsaw pieces together,
  • more defined drawings – moving from random scribbles to vague shapes,
  • telling you when they need the toilet,
  • playing happily with others.


Below are two documents with ideas that you can use to help develop both your child’s fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Please ensure your child is supervised appropriately, especially when using smaller items.