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Ranskill Primary School

We 'Take Care' and 'Go Beyond'

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School Council

We are proud to be 'Take Care' School Councillors! 

Mrs Lyons helps with the organisation of the School Council's meetings.

At the start of the academic year, we held elections for our new School Councillors.

The 2021-2022 team consist of: 

  • Class 5 - Lois B and Oliver T
  • Class 4 - Chloe V and Thomas F
  • Class 3 - Noah B and Trinity R
  • Class 2 - Mason O and Zak D
  • Class 1 - Hattie M


We have been very busy already this year! Each week, School Councillors meet and discuss current events and issues and decide ways to improve our school. As a voice for pupils, our school councillors are confident to speak in front of the whole school and will pass on messages to their current classes. We are 'Take Care' children and we are proud to promote this! 


Our events so far this year: 


  • Parliament week - We learnt about the importance of voting for adults, and what this means for our country. We then taught this to our classes and encouraged them to understand their rights and responsibilities as a child. Each class had their own age-appropriate vote in our very own general election! 
  • Children in Need - We decided on some great ways to fundraise for Children In Need. We successfully managed to organise a 'wear something stripy/spotty/Pudsey related' non-uniform day. To tie in with the theme 'Everyone together', we had a whole school flash mob! Most children took part and had a great time dancing together. We raised over £350 for these events.
  • Remembrance Day - Each break time, we sold poppies, wristbands and other fun gifts to our classes to raise money for all those who fought for our country in the war. We were very proud of ourselves! 
  • Anti-bullying week - we set up games to play outside and encouraged many other children to play with us. We made sure the rules were fair and that everyone could join in! We continued this throughout the year and made ourselves be a 'buddy' to those who needed a friend. Each class also spent time promoting anti-bullying week, and we shared this during 'Odd Sock Day' assembly. 
  • We are currently organising playtime equipment for each class to look after. We have enjoyed researching different types of durable equipment to have and will be allocating it to each class in the new year.


The 2020-2021 team consisted of: 

  • Class 5 - Abigail V & Olivia W
  • Class 4 - Eliza W & Natasza M
  • Class 3 - Kaiden P & Andrew G
  • Class 2 - Evie B, Harry B & Christian H


The 2019-2020 team consisted of: 

  • Class 5: Daniel T, Liam E & Callain L
  • Class 4: Rocco F & Isabel Y
  • Class 3: Chloe V & Leighton D
  • Class 2: Annabella P & Austin H


The 2018-19 team consisted of:

  • Year 6: Harry H & Anna B
  • Year 5: Alex R & Mackenzie F
  • Year 4: Charlie D & Faith W
  • Year 3: Natasza M & Harvey L
  • Year 2: Eliza W & Olly B
  • Year 1: Lottie O & Seryn W