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Reception Phonics Support

An overview of the teaching of phonics at Ranskill can be found here


When children start in Reception phonics is taught daily from the first week.  The children are taught new sounds each day and the lessons follow a review, teach, practise and then apply structure. 


For the first six weeks the children are taught the following skills, this is known as Phase 2 phonics:

That we read English from left to right.

To recognise the sounds (phonemes) of individual letters (graphemes) 

To write the letters (graphemes) of the sounds they have learnt

To blend the sounds they have learnt to read simple words

To segment sounds in words to teach the spelling of simple words

To recognise by sight some simple "tricky" words that they are not able to decode phonetically 


The children will learn the letters and tricky words in the following order:

Week 1: s a t p       Blend and read: a, at as

Week 2: i n m d      Blend and read: it, is, in, an                Tricky word: I, to

Week 3: g o c k      Blend and read: and, on, not, can       Tricky words: no, go, 

Week 4: e u r ck     Learn ck rule and vowels                    Tricky words: the, into

Week 5: h b f          Learn ff and rule Blend and read: if, off, big, had, his, him, but,                                                                                       back

Week 6: ll, ss          Blend and read: Dad, Mum, up            Tricky word: of

                                practise ll and ss words

At the end of phase 2 children should be able to read in the correct direction, blend to read simple three letter words and with some support read simple captions.