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Ranskill Primary School

We 'Take Care' and 'Go Beyond'

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Termly Overviews

Spring Term 2


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Sheltering in Sherwood

How can shelters differ?


Here we will travel back in time to the Bronze Age and study their hill forts, comparing to shelter today.  We will look at a variety of structures and build our own. We will also delve into homelessness and promote awareness for their needs.


Geography: Fieldwork and settlements

History: Bronze Age

Design and Technology:  Frame structures

Science: Electricity

English: biography, persuasion, fiction


Visit: Sherwood Pines

Full Steam Ahead

Why is the industrial revolution important to us today?


Pupils will study the lives of Victorians, comparing them to ours today. We will understand why the industrial revolution was a significant turning point for Britain and the impact it still has on our lives.



History: Victorians

Art: Collage

Science: Classification and environment (Y3/4) Light (Y5/6)

English: poetry, fiction, explanation, balanced argument


Visit: The Workhouse at Southall (this may not take place as school visits cannot be booked at the moment)