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Religious Education

We value the teaching of RE here at Ranskill because in the simplest terms, studying religion and belief has a claim to be an indispensable part of a complete education due to the influence of religions and beliefs on individuals, culture, behaviour and national life. Most religions and beliefs offer answers to life’s deepest questions and most young people are seeking answers to those questions, as they grow into independence and work out how to live a good life. RE provides opportunities for children and young people to reflect and analyse, to discuss and debate, to explore and discover, and to learn more about the world in which they live.


The main religion focused on is Christianity, reflecting the main religious tradition of the locality. Children in the Foundation Stage are introduced to the concept of religion through a variety of stories and play. In Key Stage One children learn more specifically about Christianity and Judaism, as these share many faith stories. There are also opportunities to explore certain aspects of other religions via topic work or relevant festivals. In Key Stage Two children learn about Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Humanism plus aspects of Buddhism and Sikhism.

Subject Overviews


RE overview Cycle 1 (Sept 2020, Sept 2022, Sept 2024)

RE overview Cycle 2 (Sept 2021, Sept 2023, Sept 2025)

We encourage visitors from different religions to share their experiences.

Easter Celebration

Agreed Syllabus Statement