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Emotional Health

It's okay not to be okay.


Many people, especially children, can find it a challenge to admit when they are not okay. Below are some useful websites and resources should you feel like you need them. 


At Ranskill, everyone wants to make sure that you are okay. Every member of staff has got time for you and we are happy to listen should you ever need anyone to talk to. If you ever feel like you need further support, please come and talk to us and we can point you in the right direction. 

Keep smiling! smiley

Children's Mental Health Week 2022! This year, the theme was 'grow together', where every class completed a task as a whole team. We realised how important it is to look after each other as we grow.

A parent's guide to helping your child cope with anxiety

CAMHS have some useful guidance on their website: 

Here are some resources designed to help cope with stress and uncertainty.

Emotional Support


Sheffield Children's Hospital has produced some supportive materials to help children understand what is happening in the world at the moment, and cope with anxiety. 

Access the resources here.