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This week the learning is based around the book entitled "Yucky Worms" by Vivian French.  It provides lots of opportunities for digging in the garden looking for those wriggly garden friends.  There is even instructions below for making your own wormery if you are feeling ambitious. 


Some ideas you may like to try: 

Take your child outside, to dig a patch of soil and look for worms. Follow up by encouraging your child to become worms themselves – by moving and wriggling to music!


Link to phonics by focusing on the phonic ‘w’, heard in ‘worm’ and ‘wiggly’. Say the sound together and sky-write the letter. Then write the letter, with a worm sketch. Help children recognise the sound in other relevant words, such as ‘wet’, ‘we went walking’, ‘which way?”.


Teach your child the rhyme and song: Wiggly Woo.


 With plasticine or playdough, help your child make worm models by moulding a ball and rolling it into a thin tube, using palms or rolling pins. Lay them on a brown or green cloth. Perhaps your child could add some pretend flowers.


Creating and critical thinking

Studying worms will involve critical thinking. Children will naturally ask themselves, and you, where one might appear, how it can move without legs, and other questions, perhaps also considering whether they are disgusting or beautiful, stupid or clever. Later, they will also have to think hard to represent the worms bodily, then with crayon strokes, colours and perhaps words. Some will share thoughts, selecting language to express their ideas. They may also evaluate muddy soil, as they explore its properties and content.

Some may invent stories around the worms – perhaps they spot one burrowing down and imagine it’s fleeing from a monster, or their chasing fingers, building a story.



Yucky Worms! Read Aloud Children's Book

Read Aloud Children's Book. Yucky Worms! By Vivian French, illustrated by Jessica Ahlberg.

A very short video clip with a few facts about worms with images of a wormery and real worms.

Wiggly Woo | Sing A Long | Nursery Rhyme | Worm at the bottom of the garden