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Ranskill Primary School

We 'Take Care' and 'Go Beyond'

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General Information

General Information


School times

8.50 am - 3.30 pm

Class teachers will open the doors, welcoming the children through into their classroom. Children are to settle themselves to their morning task and ensure they have all the equipment they need to start their learning.  We kindly request that parents do not enter the classroom with their children, but make a suitable appointment with the class teacher, should they need to speak to them. If the message is urgent, please pass on to a member of the office team, who will pass the message to the class teacher. At the end of the day at 3.30 pm the children will be dismissed from the classroom. Most children will exit via the classroom door, which leads to the playground, however some children may need to leave through the hall to meet younger siblings, or attend an after school club. Parents are asked to make themselves visible before we can release children individually when they see the adult who is collecting them. Please try hard to get your child to school on time and to collect them promptly. If your child is late it is extremely important that you come in via the main reception to let the office staff know your child has arrived.



If your child is absent please ring the school office in the morning to let us know the reason. The school telephone number is 01777   818468


Lunch time

Lunch time is from 12.00 pm until 1.00 pm. The children will eat their packed lunch or school lunch in the hall with other children. There is a daily choice of a jacket potato or main meal, which are freshly cooked on the premises. If you would prefer your child to bring a packed lunch, this should be in a secure lunchbox, clearly labelled with your child’s name, and should not include any foods with nuts, sweets, chocolate bars, or fizzy drinks. Lunchboxes should be placed onto the lunch trolley, and collected before they sit down to eat. Once your child has finished their lunch, they will play on the playground.

ALLERGY ALERT!  We are a nut free school.


Water bottles

Throughout the day children are encouraged to stay hydrated by drinking water. Children should bring their own water bottle from home, clearly labelled, and taken home at the end of the day to wash. Please ensure your child has water in their bottle, no juice or fizzy drinks. There are cups within the classroom should a child forget their water bottle, which are washed daily.



Children are entitled to free milk up to the age of 5. After their 5th birthday you will need to pay if you want your child to continue to receive milk.  You need to register with the ‘Cool milk’ scheme either online at or by post. Children are entitled to subsidised milk after they are 5, but you will need to pay a supplement. The cost is around £15 per term. In KS2, your child will need to fetch their own milk from the KS1 fridge if it has been ordered and paid for.



We encourage healthy eating across the school. If your child would like to have snack at morning break, they can bring a healthy snack from home such as fruit and vegetable sticks – no nuts, crisps, biscuits, chocolate or fizzy drinks please. Please ensure that snacks (especially cereal bars) are checked to ensure they do not contain nuts.



At Ranskill, we use Class Dojo to reward children. Children can earn dojos for a variety of reasons such as taking care, demonstrating polite manners, helping others, great work, teamwork and many others. Any member of staff can award dojos. Children can also lose dojo points if they are not following school rules correctly.

Each child is placed into a school house team: Raven, Brewster or Galway and the dojos they earn equate to a whole school total weekly score. Children are proud of their achievements and enjoy learning which team has won overall in weekly 'Take Care' assemblies.  


Parents can also engage with Class Dojo and will see the points that their child earns. They can message their child's class teacher any key questions that they may have. Class teachers can check the messages throughout the school day, and reply when time is convenient for them - please do not use this service for emergencies as teachers are not expected to check it whilst teaching. If you have an urgent query, please phone the school office, and a message will be passed onto the teacher. 



 Your child will be expected to wear the Ranskill Primary school uniform. Please write your child’s name in each item of clothing so that we can return any lost items.  As children are very active, inside and out it is important that your child wears suitable black shoes.

We ask that the children are dressed in our school uniform of:

  • White Polo shirt
  • Grey trousers/ skirt/ pinafore dress
  • Red sweatshirt/ cardigan with logo on
  • Red and white checked school dress
  • Sensible black shoes


PE Kit

Your child will be doing PE at least once a week with a specialist PE coach as well as playing outside on the playground/field. Please ensure that your child has their full PE kit in school every day, in a drawstring bag or similar - no oversized bags please. All clothing and bags should be labelled. They need to take bring it on a Monday morning and take it home every Friday. 

This should consist of:

Indoor kit:

  • A white t-shirt
  • A pair of black pumps
  • Black shorts   


Outdoor kit:

  • Black tracksuit bottoms/plain sports leggings
  • A white t-shirt
  • A plain long-sleeved jumper (preferably no hoods)
  • Trainers


Clothing and Weather

In Class 5, we encourage active learning and this involves a range of activities both inside and out. We value outdoor experiences and therefore can use outdoors for learning in all weathers. Please can you ensure your child is dressed appropriately for all weathers.

During winter please try to provide gloves, scarf, hat and a suitable coat. In summer please try to provide your child with appropriate clothing and a sun hat. We ask parents to take responsibility for applying sun screen to all exposed areas of children’s skin, or the children can apply it themselves.


Book Bags

Your child will be given a free book bag when they join Ranskill Primary (in Reception). Please make sure that your child has a book bag labelled with their name and that they bring it to and from school every day. It is really important that book bags are in school as the children can take home any letters, homework and reading materials. If your child loses their book bag you can buy a new one from uniform direct or provide a suitable alternative. The link is on the website under uniform. Large back packs are not required and take up a lot of space in our small cloakroom. Please consider this when purchasing your child's bag for school.



Children will be set homework each week - either an English or maths piece. There will also be a topic homework grid, with a variety of fun homework activities that children can choose from. Children should aim to complete one piece of topic home work, and an English/maths piece per week. Homework will be handed out on a Friday, and will be expected to be handed in on a Wednesday. Children will receive two dojos for both pieces of completed homework that is handed in on time. Any homework that is deemed to be 'beyond expectations' will receive extra dojos. 

Every so often we will have some special tasks to complete. As you will be getting homework more often and on different days when you go to secondary school, it is important that you get into the habit and routine of completing homework.