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Our high-quality, exciting science education provides the foundations for understanding the world through the specific areas of biology, chemistry and physics. At Ranskill Primary School, we understand that Science has changed our lives and is essential to the world’s future prosperity, and so all pupils are taught essential aspects of the knowledge, methods, processes and uses of science. Through building up a bank of knowledge and concepts, pupils are encouraged to recognise the power of rational explanation and they develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena. They are encouraged to understand how science can be used to explain what is occurring, predict how things will behave, and analyse causes. 

Enquiry is a key aspect of every Science lesson, whether it be sorting and classifying, comparing and testing, observing changes over time, researching, or seeking patterns. Pupils learn through these types of enquiry in a hands-on, practical style. 

British Science Week 2023

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Science in Action

Investigating Light

The Digestive System

Science in Action

Year 1 and 2 showcase