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Week Ten 15.06.20

Read Oliver’s Fruit Salad to your child. This book is about a little boy whose grandfather grows fruit. Oliver believes that his grandfather’s fruit is the best; however, he will never eat any fruit. In the book, Oliver helps make a colourful fruit salad and through this experience Oliver finds that fruit is “YUMMY!”


Oliver's Fruit Salad

Over the week you could keep a diary of all the healthy food you eat. You could draw pictures or write a list. Remember to put how many of each fruit/veg that you eat as well. What foods should we eat a lot of? This is a great time to look at the colour codes on the food packaging. Count each group to see which has the most and which has the least.

Can you make your own fruit salad using fruit you have at home? Once you have finished can you write down the instructions so that everyone knows how to make their own fruit salad too. Think carefully about what you did. e.g. First…. Then….. Next…. Finally…. If you do not have any fruit at home that’s ok, you can think about your favourite fruits and imagine and create your own recipe. What would you put in there if you could?
In reception we call adjectives describing words. We want your child to think about words they can use to describe fruits. For example, a banana – ‘It has yellow skin and is long.’ A strawberry – ‘It is bright red and round. It is squishy and juicy’
Talk to your child about some of the different fruits from the story, or some of the fruit you have at home. Encourage them to think about what they look like and how they can describe them. Then ask your child to draw the fruit and write a caption or a couple of sentences to describe it. Use the sound mats to help.
In the story of ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’, Oliver eats lots of different fruits. But where do these fruits come from? How do they grow? Do they all grow in the ground? Or do some grow on trees? Today we would like you to find out where the fruits come from and how they grow. Maybe you can find out an interesting fact to tell us. Write down your facts or tell us in a video and upload to Dojo.


Can you design and make your own fruit pots


There was once an artist called Arcimboldo who painted different fruit and vegetables to make faces!

Create a self-portrait of yourself by drawing fruit as your features. For example, you could use grapes for eyes and a banana for your nose! What fruit or veg could you use for your hair?


You can draw, paint or create a collage by cutting out pictures of food from magazines or printed from the internet.


Understanding the World: Growing seeds.

Have you got any seeds at home that you could grow? What will you need to do to care for your seeds? Maybe you could even make a cress egg head. If you don’t have any seeds maybe you could do an experiment of what happens when you keep a potato on your windowsill for a week and another one in a dark place. What do you think will happen to the potatoes?


Technology: Explore Mr Bloom’s Nursery on CBeebies


Princess Mirror Belle and the Dragon Pox, Written by Julia Donaldson & Lydia Monks

A story about a a little girl and her princess friend from another land.