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Week Six 11.05.20

Welcome to week six of home learning, very proud of all the work you have done and missing you all lots! 


This week we have a "Talk4Writing" task.  Before I outline the task just a little about "Talk4Writing" for parents.  It was developed by Pie Corbett, it is an  approach  that enables children to read and write independently for a variety of audiences and purposes within different subjects. A key feature is that children internalise the language structures needed to write through ‘talking the text’, as well as close reading.  It is powerful because it is based on the principles of how people learn. The movement from imitation to innovation to independent application can be adapted to suit the needs of learners of any stage.


We have used the "Talk4Writing" approach in school and now with this home learning unit, there is an opportunity to continue this practice at home, by working through this helpful age-related booklet.  It includes a model text which is also available as a streamed audio recording.


So this weeks story is called "Mavis the Magical Cat."   It is about a cat called Mavis who lived with a farmer called Marigold. Now, Mavis was just like any other cat and Marigold was just like any other farmer, except for one thing. They were both MAGICAL!


Both links below are identical just in different formats, so choose the one that works the best for you.  There is lots in the booklet, pick the ideas that appeal to your child.  I liked the idea of having my own magical toy pet and making up a story of where they went, this is on page 10 of the booklet.