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Week 9 1st March 2021

This week's text is "The Princess and the Wizard".  This time it's not a wicked fairy but a wicked wizard who likes turning people to stone. Princess Eliza may try seven times to escape By changing her colour and changing her shape. But each time Princess Eliza changes - into a blue fish, a yellow chick, a red fox or a black cat - the wicked wizard finds her and sets her another horrible task. Will this plucky princess be able to outwit him and escape back to the palace in time to cut her birthday cake?

The Princess and the Wizard

Author: Julia DonaldsonIllustrated by: Lydia MonksRead by: Matthew Willsher

Communication Language and Literacy



Share the story of The Princess and the Wizard.  Discuss the story with your child.  Here are some questions you might like to consider

  1. What special occasion was Eliza celebrating?
  2. How old was Eliza?
  3. Give two reasons you know that the Wicked Wizard is angry?
  4. Why wasn’t the Wicked Wizard invited to the party?
  5. How did the Fairy Godmother say that Eliza could escape?
  6. What day did the Wicked Wizard lock the princess up?
  7. Why did the Wicked Wizard begin to count to 100?
  8. What is a moat?
  9. Why was Eliza able to turn herself into a blue fish?
  10. How many chances to escape does Eliza have once the Wicked Wizard finds her in the moat?
  11. Why did the yellow socks have holes in them?
  12. Where did the Wicked Wizard lock Eliza up on Wednesday?
  13. What was covered all over the walls of the bathroom?
  14. What did the Wicked Wizard do each time he caught Eliza?
  15. What clever idea did Eliza have to escape the Wicked Wizard?
  16. Why did the Wicked Wizard fly into a rage?
  17. How did the King, Queen and party guests come back to life?
  18. How did Eliza get back home?
  19. Who did Eliza, her family and friends have to thank for saving them?


Eliza made herself into lots of different things to try and escape from the wizard. The wizard had a rhyme to find Eliza.  What do you notice about the rhymes?


To find where Eliza                          The straw in the farmyard                The grasshopper princess

is hiding from you,                            is yellow and thick,                           is easily seen

Look in the moat                               Princess Eliza's                               Chirping away

for the fish that is blue.                     disguised as a chick.                        in the meadow so green.


Can you create some rhyming strings to go with some of the animals that Eliza turned herself into.


                                                                  Fox, cat, fish, gull, chick, 


These can be real or nonsense words, perhaps when you have finished your rhyming lists you could sort them into real and nonsense words.



Today we are going to have a go at writing our own spells. You have lists or rhyming words that you made yesterday and below are some more.  We are going to use the words to write a spell that rhymes. Choose one box below, the word must come at the end of the line.


For example:

I wave my wand

and turn you blond


Do a litttle jog

and turn into a frog


Look at the sky

I'll make you fly


Imagine you had a Fairy Godmother what would you wish for?


Task: Write a wish to your Fairy Godmother.



The Fairy Godmother cast a spell:


The princess may try seven times to escape

By changing her colour and changing her shape.


Imagine you could change colour and shape what would you change into?  How would this help you to escape?


Task: Draw what you would change into and write a description of how this would help you to escape.


Additional ideas

You may like to write a letter to your Fairy Godmother thanking her for her help.




Make a shopping list for a birthday party. How much would each item cost? How many of each will you need if there are 10, 20 or 100 guests?

Make a timetable showing the different events of the story and the days they happened on?


Expressive Arts and Design

Design and make a new sparkly dress for Princess Eliza.

Can you design a new sparkly outfit for the wizard / fairy godmother too?


The book is full of glittery illustrations. Can you create your own sparkling pictures?

Imagine that you have your own fairy godmother. Can you draw a picture of her?


Princess Eliza turns into different objects with different colours. Can you make a list of, or draw, things that are each colour for Princess Eliza to turn into?


Make a list of colours. How many can you think of?


Experiment with colour mixing. Can you make new colours and make a poster to teach people how you made them?


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