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Week 5 February 1st 2021

Communication Language and Literacy



For the children to fully access this week's learning it is essential they know the story of Rapunzel, the important element being that she is trapped in a tower and needs rescuing.  Watch the links below or if you have a copy at home read the story.  The two stories are slightly different versions.  What is the same about them?  What is different?  Lots of fairy tales are retold by different authors all who tell them slightly differently but they keep the main point of the story.  What is the main event in this story?


Learn to read with Rapunzel read along storybook rewritten by Meredith Hairston and illustrated by Kajiah Jacobs.

Next we are going to explore the version of Rapunzel by Bethan Woollvin. Just look at the first page.

The first sentence says ...

"Rapunzel lived all alone in a tall, dark tower. She was trapped there by a witch, who visited every day".

What do you know is happening from the sentence?

Where is it happening? What do you already know or think you know?

Now re-read the sentence again and think about the information we are given here.  What is the tower like?  Who are the characters?  What do you think they are like from what you have read?  How do you know?

After you have read the opening of the story a few times, take a pen or pencil and a bit of paper. 
Draw what you imagine is happening here to illustrate the words you have heard and seen. Maybe other people in your family want to draw what they imagine as well. Remember, everyone has their own ideas and imagines things their own way. This is a good thing!
Once you have drawn your picture, share your drawings with someone else if you can, or talk about what you have drawn with someone else: what is similar about the drawings? What is different?
Now, look at how the illustrator, Bethan Woollvin, has chosen to draw this scene. This is on the next page so that this doesn’t influence your own ideas. What is similar and different about her illustration?


Talk about it
Read the whole book while looking at the illustrations. What do you notice about the pictures? How do you think Rapunzel feels in the pictures? What tells you this? What do you think the character of the witch is like? What do you think she is thinking or doing in the picture? What do you think might happen next in this story? What will happen as the witch walks down the path and up to the tower? You could draw and write your ideas in pictures and words, or just talk about what you think will happen in the rest of the story.

Rapunzel by Bethan Woolvin

Rapunzel by Bethan Woolvin, read by Mrs D


Yesterday we read the story of Rapunzel.  Poor Rapunzel trapped in a tower. She is really bored and fed up being inside.  We are all "lockdown" experts about what to do when we have to stay at home.  I think we could help Rapunzel to take her mind off being bored and lonely by writing her a letter and tell her some good things that you can do by yourself.  What things have you done at home?

Write a letter to Rapunzel giving her ideas of things she can do at home.


Rapunzel enjoyed your ideas of things to do but what she really needs is an escape plan.  She's heard we have a class full of dragons.  Do you think a dragon could rescue Rapunzel? What kinds of things would a dragon need to take with him/her to help Rapunzel? (blanket, nest of straw, teddy to keep him company, tooth brush, flannel etc)  Decide on what their dragon needs to take with him. Will he be hungry while he is away? What kinds of foods could we pack for him? Could he take lots of sweets and chocolates? Why not? Pack him a healthy lunch box. 

Write a list of the things that the dragon needs to take with him, you could draw them too.


The dragon has used his list he packed up and went off to rescue Rapunzel.  He arrives at the tower.  What might Rapunzel think?  What might she say? What will the dragon say to Rapunzel?  Perhaps you could act this out with somebody at home.  See if you can then think of one sentence for the dragon and one for Rapunzel and record it in speech bubbles.  Draw your own picture or use the sheet below.


A dragon rescue for Rapunzel is a great idea, but could you think of your own escape plan for Rapunzel.  A parachute, a ladder, a zip wire, a hot air balloon. Could you build a tower for Rapunzel and show your escape plan or draw your escape plan?


To reinforce last week's learning on rhyming and to extend the idea to explore homophones.

Ask the children to suggest words that rhyme with ‘hair’. An adult to write each word on a strip of paper, giving it to the child. 
When suggestions have been exhausted, write the words ‘hair’ and ‘hare’ on two A4 sheets of card. Sort their words into the two groups leaving aside alternative patterns.

Point out the two different ‘air’ spelling patterns explaining that patterns such as ‘ere’/‘ear’
are used less for the ‘air’ sound. Compare homophones, explaining the confusion that can arise from wrong spellings such as ‘Rapunzel’s hare’.

Creative Ideas

Rapunzel needs food sending up in her tower.  What would you send up to Rapunzel?  Look at a range of different foods and pack a balanced healthy lunch for Rapunzel. (Oakwood Academy Healthy Food Lessons at the top of the page if you prefer).


Design Rapunzel's tower.  Make it out of duplo, lego, bricks or junk.  How tall is your tower can you make it fit one of your figures from home?


If you have some wool at home can you learn to plait?  Could you make some plaits for Rapunzel?  Make some longer than others?



This week is Children's Mental Health Week.  The theme this year is "Express Yourself!"

Below is a document with some ideas of how you can encourage your child to express themselves.  There is also a weblink if you would like to find out more about Children's Mental Health Week.