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Week 4 January 25th 2021

Before looking at this week's book, ask your child to recall the features and characteristics of dragons that we have discussed over the last few weeks.  Then ask them to consider princesses.  Princesses are pretty, wear beautiful dresses, have lovely manners etc.

Then read this week's book, Zog.

Zog - Give Us a Story!

Read the first page: “She taught young dragons all the things that dragons need to know.” What do you think dragons need to know/learn at school? What do you think Zog will have to do in order to win a golden star?  Talk to your child about expected behaviours at school and how they win house points/merits etc.

Literacy and Communication and Language


Monday - Read/watch the story of Zog. Listen to the fact that the story is written in rhyming pairs.  Rhyming words sound the same at the end of the word.  They don't need the same spelling pattern to rhyme.  Can you spot the rhyming words in Zog?  Below is an online game you can play to see if you can spot the rhyming words.

Optional Ideas

Below are two rhyming challenges.  One a simple pairs game and the other a greater challenge of writing down the rhyming pairs from the story, the first pair has been done for you:


Madam Dragon ran a school many moons ago.

She taught young dragons all the things that dragons need to know.
Tuesday - Yesterday we listened to the story of Zog.  It is written with rhyming pairs.  Can you remember any of the rhyming pairs you spotted yesterday?  Today we are going to look at saying and writing rhyming strings.  Here is a powerpoint of rhyming words to match.
Now try and see if you can create a rhyming string of words.  There are some worksheets below that have ideas for starting words.  You don't need to print them out just decide on what level of challenge to give yourself by choosing a word.  See how many words you can find.

Wednesday - Now we have listened to the story of Zog for several days. 

I would like you to write a review of the story. 

Can you:

  • Draw a picture of Zog
  • Write about what ‘Zog is…’ (Complete the description sheet to help you with some ideas)
  • Write a sentence about or draw a picture of your favourite part
  • Give it a star review out of 5.


You can write your own review or print out and complete the template below.
Thursday  In the story, Princess Pearl wants to be a nurse and helps Zog when has a few clumsy accidents at Dragon School!


Can you help Princess Pearl and complete her Medical Record for Zog? You will need to cut out the pictures and stick them into the correct place for skill, problem and medical help.


Challenge! Can you complete the missing sentences on the medical record? Use your phonics or the word bank to help you. Can you think of any more accidents that could have happened to poor Zog?

Friday - Imagine if there were schools for all sorts of magical creatures, unicorns, mermaids, giants, trolls, fairies, ogres.  What would they learn I wonder?  Choose a magical creature of your own.  Draw a picture of your creature and tell me what things they would learn at school.

Creative Ideas


The Dragons got a gold star when they were the best in class. Can you make a medal that Zog would like to win? Maybe you can award it to yourself when you try a new skill.