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Top Physical Activities that don't involve a screen


Running is a fun and simple activity that strengthens the children’s muscles and bones. Encourage children to run by integrating a variety of unique racing games, such as an energetic space hopper race, the classic egg and spoon race, a playful sack race or an amusing fancy dress relay race!


Obstacle Course

Create an exciting obstacle course to enhance the children’s development in numerous areas for balance, coordination, alertness, body awareness, strength and endurance. Try using obstacles such as cushions, boxes, balls, blankets and climbing frames to build the ultimate children’s obstacle course!



Throwing activities help to improve a child’s hand-eye coordination, motor skills and timing. There are countless throwing games that you can try with the children, such as throwing balls through hoops, shooting in basketball and netball games, hitting a target with beanbags, (fill an old sock with dried peas or lentils),  in a throwing game or aiming an object at a large target board or set of cans.



If you play a child’s favourite song, it is guaranteed to make their body move! Dancing promotes cooperation and increases flexibility and stamina. Encourage the children to invent their own dances and give them props such as colourful dance, scarves, pom poms or wands to inspire their creativity even further! Play musical statues great for listening skills.



Skipping  is a tricky skill to learn when you are young.  Start by jumping over a rope on the floor.  Then try jumping over a wriggling rope on the floor.  Next try just on the flooor swining backwards and forwards.   Then try over the head and step. Learning to walk and skip over first then increase the challenge.



Trampolining if you have one is great enjoyable cardiovascular activity that increases a child’s heart rate, builds strength and tones muscles. Most kids love to jump on a trampoline, so why not introduce them to a mini trampoline and engage them in games such as knee jumping, jumping on one leg or counting with each jump.


Walking or RIding a Bike

Walking and bike riding are simple activities that not only increases physical development, but also enhances a child’s mental health as well. Whether it’s walking or cycling through nature, make sure you get the kids out and about to promote physical activity.

Some indoor screen based ideas for when going outside is not possible.