Ranskill's Values and Ethos


We aspire to ensure that all children achieve their potential. In doing so we are guided by the these values:


  • All of our children will be happy, healthy, successful and confident learners.
  • All of our children will be confident, creative thinkers who are active learners.
  • All of our children will achieve their potential and many achieve beyond what is expected.
  • None of our children will underachieve.


Our school will be the hub of an exciting learning community where our families, their children, our staff, governors and local community work in partnership to achieve outstanding provision for all learners.


  • We aim to do so by:
  • Enabling children to develop by growing their knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  • Listening to each other and valuing the contributions of all.
  • Providing stimulating and secure learning environments.
  • Making learning fun and purposeful.
  • Helping children make friends for life.
  • Sharing information about our own culture / beliefs and encouraging respect for the cultural and religious differences of others.
  • Working in partnership with parents / carers and seeking their involvement in, and support with, school life.