Welcome to Class 4!



One of the books we read this year - The Explorer by Kathrine Rundell - was a huge success with the children! We learnt all about survival in the Amazon Rainforest, including building a shelter from natural products. You can see the pictures below of our mini shelters!

We have really got our teeth stuck into Halloween this year, as we have been mixing potions in maths. Some of the key ingredients include Frankenstein's snot, Devil tears, Unicorn sweat and other gruesome liquids! We had lots of fun accurately measuring, estimating and comparing different amounts. You can see how closely we had to look in the pictures below.

 This half term we have been learning about Native Americans and comparing how their life is different to ours. As well as writing character descriptions and writing a recount of Black Elk (A young Native American), we have also created some artwork. This is inspired by Leonara Carrington, who created artwork based on her dreams - some of which are very mysterious and extravagant. We created our own dreams based on her artwork!

We even tried to act out the life of Black Elk! This was then later created into a comic strip.

Have a look at the fabulous work we have already achieved in Class 4! We have confidently made 5 digit numbers from place value counters and participated in a critical thinking project involving Donald Trump and Mr Moody!