Welcome to Class 3! 

Miss Caborn

PE will be on Thursday afternoon and swimming is on Friday afternoon.

Homework will be given out on Fridays and it is expected to be in on Wednesday.

Every Friday, Class 3 will have a times tables test and spelling test. Please help your child at home by practising these key skills.

Watching another volcanic eruption with Cola and mentos was super fun!

As part of our Extreme Earth topic, we have made our very own volcanic eruptions!

This afternoon, we made rocks out of chocolate! It was a fun way to learn about the different types of rocks and how they are formed. We were very interested in seeing the different layers of the rock after we had finished.

Look at our fantastic fossils that we have made during science! We tried hard to add lots of detail into our fossils.

This week, in topic, we have made our own sculptures made from various materials. We really loved how different they all looked!

Welcome back to school! I cannot wait to find out about your summer holidays!

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Well done to all the children in  'Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits!'

A fantastic selection of Easter bonnets, Well done to those who entered in class 3.

Happy World Book day!

In maths, we have been using cocktail sticks and playdough to create 3D shapes. We then had lots of fun dipping these shapes into bubble liquid so we could create translucent faces.

This term we are learning about electricity and we discovered how to create a circuit  with a switch.

In science we have been learning about healthy eating and which food and drinks cause tooth decay. We created an experiment using boiled eggs to see the impact each drink would have on the shell.

Year 3 children had a fantastic day making lanterns in preparation of the Illuminate parade for the Pilgrims Festival. More details are on the following web page: www.bassetlawchristianheritage.com  

Welcome to Class 3!

This term we are learning about America in the past and present. To Launch our topic we have been tasting and describing American food, researching different states and creating Native American Totem Poles.

Today we had an artist visit our school to help us design a sculpture for our new bike sheds. We looked at different stencils to represent trees and leaves.

In science we are learning about scientists and inventors. We have recently researched about William Smith the 'Famous British Geologist' and how he discovered different fossils around Britain. We then used sand, soil and stones to make our own sedimentary rock. We predicted that the stones would settle first but we were surprised when we discovered the sand was the first to settle in our bottles after  we shook them up.