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In Class 2, we encourage a positive attitude to learning, and as these quotes show, making mistakes is all part and parcel of the learning process.

For My Money Week, Class 2 had a go at guessing the average price of the foods needed to make a French salad. As you can see, some children made closer guesses than others!



After this, we looked at my receipt from the shop. We looked at how much different things cost, and where in the world they come from. Some children were very surprised to find out how cheap it is for a bag of carrots! We loved tasting the foods and we found out that eggs were the most popular, and olives were the least popular ingredient in French salad. 

Class Two were interested to find out which instruments are used to measure the weather. We enjoyed being outside in the sunshine and were surprised at how warm it was today. 

Thank you to Morrisons of Retford for very kindly donating some fresh fish for our Science and Art afternoon. It is greatly appreciated.

We have experienced a range of activities to learn more about the Sikh an Hindu festival of Diwali. We tasted Indian food, smelt incense, designed Mehndi patterns, made and decorated divas, created our own information books and listened to some Diwali music. We had a lovely time learning about this colourful festival!

This week (beginning 5th November) we learnt about the Gunpowder Plot, sketched and painted the houses of Parliament, sketched Guy Fawkes' portrait, wrote the story of the Gunpowder Plot and some diary entries from Guy Fawkes himself! (Well, we pretended to be Guy Fawkes!) We made our writing look old by staining it with tea bags. Don't they look fantastic?

Homework for this half term is centered around Religious festivals and sketching wildlife. Please choose one blue or purple activity each week plus one green or yellow activity. To follow the web links, hover your mouse over the link and click. Thank you.

During this week (beginning 1st October) we used our knowledge and understanding of OPAQUE, TRANSLUCENT and TRANSPARENT materials to create our own Toy Story shadow puppets. Can you tell which characters we made from the shadows?

Year Two children investigated the transparency of different materials this week. They came up with the method by themselves and worked well in pairs. This is in preparation for our upcoming design project - SHADOW PUPPETS!!!

Children in Class Two have already started producing some excellent work. They have designed 'Wanted' posters and created news reports about the naughty boy from Toy Story. Watch their reports below. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed making them.

We have been reading The Wind In The Willows this week and made our own origami  rowing boats for 'messing about on the river'.

The children also practised their sketching skills by sketching Ratty and Mole.

During our World Cup Day, we got very creative and built a Rainforest Diorama, collaged some Brazilian flags and created pastel images of Christ The Redeemer. The children had a lovely time finding out about Brazil. They met a Brazilian lady called Dani, tried some traditional Brazilian food and learnt some phrases in Portugese (the language spoken in Brazil). All the children made a carnival head=dress and had their faces painted in bright designs. We even listened to some Brazilian pop music too!

Wow! Just watch this amazing video clip of Isaac's discovery today.

We used a 'phone-scope' to get up close and personal with a beautiful caterpillar!

Class Two recently visited Clumber Park to practise their skills of identifying plants, trees and insects. They had a fantastic time and even managed to squeeze in some time on the adventure playground. 

Class Two have been painting images from 'The Tale of Peter Rabbit'.  Haven't they done a fantastic job?!

Class Two have been hunting for mini-beasts to put into out lovely new 'Bug Hotels'. What can you spot?

We recently visited Wollaton Hall in order to find out more about Mary Anning (a famous fossil hunter) and fossils. We also discovered some animals that we had never heard of before and completed a treasure hunt. The children had an amazing time and learnt lots of new things. Have a look at the gallery below.

We have been finding out how fossils are formed. We made our own fossil imprints using salt dough and were joined by many parents and grandparents.

Thank you to all who came to help.

We have been making the most of the warm weather and enjoyed a game of Rounders. The children had a lovely time (and so did I!)

Some parents of Year 2 children have recently asked me how they can help at home with mathematics. I have provided a few links below to show you some strategies we have been using. (Addition by partitioning) (Subtraction problem) (Subtraction problem) (Horizontal method of subtraction) (Subtracting a multiple of ten using place value counters) (Subtraction using a number line)


I hope you find them useful.

The following websites allow children to practise their maths skills for free. (access games for a limited period of time each day) (access games for a limited period of time each day) (click on the 'tablet friendly' button if using a phone or tablet) (adobe flashplayer required) (provides links to useful maths sites)

To celebrate Chinese New Year we have been creating some iconic Cherry Blossom.

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We have been learning how to create algorithms ( that's just a fancy name for instructions). We created an algorithm to make the drone fly. Watch the videos below to see how we got on!

We are currently learning about fractions in maths. Children are learning how to recognise fractions of shapes and how to write fractions using numbers. This is a great excuse to indulge in some pizzas and cakes!!! If you do, please talk with your children about what fraction of pizza or cake they are given. Maybe they could even bring in a photograph of them exploring fractions at home...

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We have two new goldfish in Class Two. The children made suggestions for names and then we held a class vote. The winning names chosen were...Saturn and Apollo. These names were suggested as we have been learning about the Apollo 11 mission and the Saturn V rocket.

Recently, we read 'Can't you sleep little bear?'. This is a lovely story which the children really enjoyed. Some children made lanterns and others created water-colour moon pictures. 

Here is a sample of the work children in Year 1 will be doing this week. We are learning what arrays are in Maths, and in English we are learning how to write compound sentences using 'and'.

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Don't forget to write your child's name in all of their clothing. This will help us to return it promptly when it gets misplaced.

Our Nativity this year is called 'Stable Story'.

Scripts have been handed out and children will need to learn the song lyrics and their own speaking parts (where applicable) as soon as possible.

The dress rehearsal is scheduled for Wednesday 13th December, the first show is Thursday 14th December (pm) and the final show is Friday 15th December (am).

Ticket will be available nearer the time.

Class Two have been learning a poem to recite by heart.

We hope you enjoy!

A taster of what's to come...

Stable Story...

The angel's song...

Who's that knocking...

We are wise men...

Lulla, Lullaby...

Amen! Amen!

Stable story, Christmas Glory!

Class 2

Welcome to Class 2 (Years 1 and 2)

Mrs Cherrill



This term, PE days will vary. Please send kit on Monday and keep in school until Friday. Children will need a white t-shirt, black or navy shorts and plimsolls.

Homework will be sent home on Friday and should be handed in no later than Wednesday morning please.

Children will receive Dojo points for reading at home with an adult. The more often they read, the more points they will earn! 

Some parents of Year 2 children have recently asked me how they can help at home with mathematics. I have provided a few links below to show you some subtraction strategies we have been using. (Addition by partitioning) (Subtraction problem) (Subtraction problem) (Horizontal method of subtraction) (Subtracting a multiple of ten using place value counters) (Subtraction using a number line)


I hope you find them useful.



Look at what we have been doing during our first few days in Class 2!

Den building, role-playing and computing to name a few...

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During PE this half term, we will be covering both multi-skills and football. Below you can see some of Class Two practising their dribbling. 




Class Two have read Chapters one and two of 'Charlotte's Web' by E.B.White. We put ourselves in Fern's shoes (well, wellies really) and imagined what she might write in her diary. Here is Olivia, reading her work.

Mason enjoyed dressing up as part of our immersive learning.

Today in Geography we identified some of the continents and oceans. We had to work out why there are two labels for Pacific Ocean. This is how we did it!!!

Class Two had a fantastic opportunity to learn more about plants and habitats when we were visited by a member of The Woodland Trust. We planted 30 trees which we hope will eventually mature to create a wondrous miniature woodland where we can explore mini-beasts, plants and habitats for years to come. 

Today Class One and Class Two went on a wonderful day out to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. The children were fantastic all day and the staff were all very proud of them. The children had opportunities to handle a Millipede, Cockroach and even a Milk Snake. 

Pictures will follow soon so you can see which children and animals you can spot!

World Book Day 2017

Today we had great fun! We dressed up as book characters, designed book jackets, solved bookish halving problems and even listened to Class 4 children reading specially selected books. See which characters you can spot from our day!

We have been making parachutes like the one Tom used in 'The Great Explorer'. 

Over the half term holidays, pupils were asked to design and poster or leaflet to make people aware of how they should keep safe in the sun. There were lots of impressive entries, but there could only be four winners. The winners were Archie and Isabella in Class One and Charlie and Faith in Class Two.

Class Two have been finding fractions of amounts by sorting cubes onto paper plates. They have been counting in quarters and they have investigated equivalent fractions using fraction 'bricks'.

Class 1 and 2 went on an amazing trip to The Deep to find out all about ocean living. The children had a wonderful time and their behaviour was impeccable. The penguins were cute, but were very lazy and didn't put on much of a show. Luckily there was plenty of distraction available in the form of saw-fish, sharks and jellyfish!

Class Two used their senses to smell and taste some different foods. These included Indian snacks and tropical fruits. And yes, we were in our onsies as we were raising money for Children In Need and a diabetes charity too.

Class Two have become 'Weather Warriors' and have made their very own rain gauge. We are checking it each week day to find out how much rain falls outside our classroom. We are also reading and recording the temperature. Why not make your own gauge to record the rainfall at home?

Class Two have been making different shapes in Gymnastics. Which shapes can you spot?

Class Two love sitting with Horrid Henry in the Reading Den!

Class Two read Pinocchio, and each child made their own wooden spoon puppet to represent a character from the story. They enjoyed getting messy with the paints!

Class Two have been enjoying their PE lessons with Mrs Bingham, making the most of the Autumn sunshine.

Class Two have been using counters and cubes to help them to solve problems about addition and subtraction. They practised measuring toys using cubes. They had great fun using old socks to count in twos...even if it was a bit whiffy!!!