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This term we have started our Arctic Topic with a visit from a real Polar Explorer.


Great music lesson with Mrs Walker today, careful listening and beautiful singing.

The new starters in class one have made a great start to their learning.  This week we have been reading the story "I Looked Through My Window".  The children have built windows outside, sequenced the story, acted out the story and made puppets.


First Day at big school!


AUTUMN 2018.

Christmas Fun

We Will Remember 

This was the theme for our Super Learning Day.  The children learnt all about the animals that were involved in WW! including Lizzie the elephant who was a regular sight on the streets of Sheffield.

The children had a great day at Cusworth Hall even the weather was fantastic!

We all enjoyed our Macmillan coffee morning and raised over £400!  Thank you to all those who supported this event. We had great fun back in the classroom too doing lots of green learning!

Our new starters are now settled in and enjoying demonstrating all their skills both old and new!

Oh No, who has visited out classroom.  The crime scene looked familiar, an empty bowl with just a few bits of porridge left, a broken chair and a dirty sheet.  Could it be Goldilocks?

I think I may be out of a job soon!



Our new starters for September came to visit us for a couple of days.  Everyone had a great time exploring their new learning environment.

Great day at Wollaton Hall.  The children completed a workshop on Mary Anning with the opportunity to handle a range of real fossils.  The weather was fantastic so we enjoyed a picnic on the lawn before looking around the house.


Great fun in the snow.


We had a great day out at Belton House.

Mrs Sneddon brought in lots of twisted willow and we used it to build dens.  We worked well as a team and did lots of problem solving.

We had great fun designing and making and testing waterproof outfits for a teddy.

The children completing a challenge to find the recipe for the perfect sandcastle.




The children have been learning about the story of "The Little Red Hen".  They helped the Little Red Hen open a bakery!  Here are the master chefs at work.

It is nearly Harvest Festival in school and the children in Year One have been harvesting the last of their vegetables that they grew in Foundation.  It has been a bumper crop this year of beetroot, broccoli, carrots, potatoes, beans, peas and squash.   This is however definitely the very last few vegetables.  We are now planning our new planting so keep your eyes open for what happens next.

It was a beautiful Autumn day today and investigating bubbles created a great deal of excitement and lots of questions.  Does a heart shaped bubble blower make heart shaped bubbles?  Do bigger bubbles float higher than smaller bubbles?  Does blowing or waving make the most bubbles?

On Wednesday 28th September we held our coffee morning in aid of Macmillan cancer support.  All the children worked hard to produce lots of baking for the event and a huge thank you to all those parents and grandparents that supported the event where we raised £116! 

First day at school and the sun was shining.  A fantastic first day exploring the new learning opportunities.  



Happy Birthday Your Majesty!  We celebrated the Queen's 90th birthday with a whole school street party and lots of activities.  We read "The Birthday Crown" and designed our own crowns. We made birthday cards and cakes.  We did lots of counting and grouping in ten and helped share out the bones for the Queen's corgis.

We had a very special visitor too!

We had lots of fun making our entry for the Scarecrow Festival.  We based our entry on the story of the Scarecrows Wedding by Julia Donaldson.

To complete our Alice in Wonderland theme what better than a tea party.  We said a fond farewell to the children who are leaving and wish them well in their new home and school.  

Our school Trip to Sundown

We had a fantastic trip today to Sundown Adventure Land.  The weather was beautiful and all the children had a great time.  The photographs below show some of the exciting activities the children completed today.



Christmas nativity rehearsals are now in full swing.  Make sure you have your

tickets for the performance on Friday 11th December, 9.30am start.

Pilgrim Fathers Day.  

There were big celebrations in Retford today that the Keystage two children joined so we had our own celebrations in school!

Today was the first day of school for our new starters and what a busy day they had exploring their new classroom.  We had super heroes, cafes with some unusual items on the menu, beautiful paintings, tiddlywinks and lots of water play.

Summer 2 - What animals live underground?


We had some special visitors today from the fire station.  We found out all about fire safety at home and got to look around the fire engine.

Please could you check that all the children know their address, the fire service are very keen for the children to know this for their own safety.

Another fantastic day with the children who are due to start school in September.

Nursery came to visit today, they all had a great day!  Looking forward to seeing them tomorrow.

This week we have been learning all about worms and we have been reciting poems about worms!

 The children are all enjoying their PE sessions with Mrs Clarke.  Some great jumps this week!  Yes, the sun is shining!

We have been enjoying using our maths skills to play lots of maths games.

Summer 1 - Stones Bones and Bumps Under the Ground

We had some expert assistance today to help us make coil pots inspired by our study of fossils..

We made big dinosaurs today but we couldn't make them as big as they were in real life, however hard we tried!

We have been naming and identifying common animals and studying the life cycle of our frog who lives in our garden.

A huge thank you to our parent helper who helped us get started on preparing our vegetable beds. We found old seed potatoes and plenty of wildlife.


This term our topic got off to a very exciting start with a visit from a dinosaur expert who came with some amazing fossils and lots of fun activities to complete. 


The dinosaur topic is now well under way.  The children have been finding out about Mary Anning, studying fossils and building dinosaur worlds.  

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Thank you to all those parents who came to our assembly, we even had a visit from a dinosaur!

Spring 2 - Once upon a time ...

We transformed our classroom into a magical fairy tale land with a witches den, castle and even a swamp for Shrek!  On World Book Day we all dressed up as our favourite book character.  At the end of term we celebrated Easter at church, we sang to our parents and had a competition for the best decorated egg.

Spring 1 - Intrepid Explorers

This term we have been learning all about Christoper Columbus and Neil Armstrong, we shared our learning with our parents in our class assembly.

Autumn 2 - What were our families and neighbourhoods like in the past?

Last term we talked about and looked at lots of photographs of our own families and our local neighbourhood.  This term we have looked at what our homes were like in the past.  We went on a visit to Cusworth Hall.


Everyone had a great time at the Christmas crafts, a big thank you to all those parents who helped us make so many different things..

The Christmas production was fantastic a great effort by all involved and some lovely costumes thank you to all who assisted in making it a great event.

Autumn 1 2014 - Families and Neighbourhoods

Welcome back to the year 1 children hope you all had a good holiday and a very warm welcome to our new children.

This terms topic is all about our homes and families.  The first half term we will be exploring our own home and local area and what they are like now before moving on to exploring what it was like in the past next half term with a trip to Cusworth Hall.

The foundation children have been busy exploring the continuous provision in the classroom as you can see from the photographs they have settled in well!

The year 1 children have been to the family of Schools multiskills event at Ranby Primary School a good time was enjoyed by all.

Summer 1 - Growing Green

This term we have been studying the story of the hungry caterpillar.  We explored the food the caterpillar ate and then talked about our favourite food.  We went on to look at what real caterpillars ate.  We learnt about the lifecycle of a butterfly and observed our class tadpoles to see how they changed.  We have also been doing lots of gardening in the school garden.



Spring 2



This term the children  have decided to build on their topic of explorers from last term and find out about how people travel around.  We have started our new topic by thinking about what we know well, walking, riding bicycles, and catching buses.  Outside the children have made a bicycle repair shop and they have been finding out about how their bicycles work. We have read the story "Rosie's Walk" and the outside area has had lots of bees chasing Mr Fox as they acted out the story.  Inside we have built "Barney's Bus", where shall we go today?

We are exploring lots of mathematical concepts on our tens frames as we look at how many passenger get on and off a variety of vehicles as well as practising our doubles when things get really busy!. 

There was a delicious smell from our classroom this week as we celebrated Shrove Tuesday making pancakes.  Perhaps you could ask your children if they can remember our rhyme.



We started this term with a visit from a real life polar explorer, she even had to leave the school slightly early to catch her next flight to the North Pole!  She kept in touch when possible via email and this inspired the children to plan their learning around the theme of the explorers. 


This half terms theme was "Let's Celebrate!".  We learnt all about autumn festivals an celebrations including Halloween, Diwali, Thanks Giving, Bonfire night and of course Christmas! 

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