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Week Thirteen 5.07.20

This week we are going to read Eat Your Peas by Kes Grey and I will never eat a tomato by Lauren Child


Show the letter from Daisy which says that she thinks no child should ever be made to eat green vegetables or anything else they don't like. Do they agree or disagree? What are their reasons?


  • Begin reading the book "I will never eat a tomato, only reading up to the page where she names all the foods she doesn't like.
  • Discuss her reasons for foods she doesn't like e.g. carrots are for rabbits, peas are too small. Discuss the other foods she named - do they like them? What reasons do they have for not liking them? What might Lola say?

Discuss other food they like and do not like, encouraging reasons. Think about how to describe them, shape/size/colour/taste/smell (senses) and how these can be reasons to like/dislike food.

Create a menu of re-invented food to encourage people to try foods they say they don't like.




Eat Your Peas - Read Along Story

Eat Your Peas Paperback - 1 Jan 2009 by Kes Gray (Author), Nick Sharratt (Illustrator)

I will never not ever eat a tomato

I will never not ever eat a tomato is read aloud by a mystery reader.

We are securing some of our key skills.  Complete the skills challenge on the powerpoint below.

We are going to practise how to add using a number line.

You can use the power point below to help you remember what you need to do...


When you add using a number line you need to remember not to count the number you start on.

Remember to jump off and start counting FORWARDS!


Use the sheets below to practise.

Remember you could chalk a number line in your back garden and jump along it yourself, to work out the totals.

Last week we learnt about 3D shape this week we are going to use those skills. 

Use the power points below to learn more about 3D shape.

Now go on a 3D shape hunt. What shapes can you find?

Perhaps you could take photographs of some of the objects that you find.


When I went on a shape hunt I found a tin of beans that is a cylinder and a tissue box that is a cuboid.


Happy shape hunting!!

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song