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The Governor Team


Chair of Governors

Mr. Mike Spencer (FB&P/SD) - Local Authority appointed - 23/06/2020


Vice Chair of Governors

Mrs. Elizabeth Cawley (FB&P/SD) - 15/02/2019


Co-opted Governors - appointed by the Governing Body

Vacancies x 2

Mrs D Perkins (FB&P) - 15/02/2019

Mrs E Taylor (FB&P) - 15/02/2019


Parent Governor - appointed by parents

Mrs L Wilson (FB&P) - 18/09/2018

Mrs D Brown (SD) - 07/05/2019

Mr G Fee (SD) - 07/05/2019


Staff Governors - appointed by the staff

Mr S Moody - Headteacher - (FB&P/SD) - Expires upon resignation of post

Mrs J Throssell (FB&P) - nominated on 29/09/2019 - due to be take up post on 18/10/16




If you wish to contact the Chair of Ranskill Governors please contact him through the school office.

 The dates shown are when their term of office expires.

FB&P next to their name means this governor sits on the Finance, Buildings & Personnel committee.

SD next to their name means this governor sits on the Strategic Development committee.

All governors have voting rights in their respective committees with the exception of staff governors on the Finance, Buildings and Personnel committee.

The Governor's register of business interests is available for inspection.  Currently no governors have a relevant business interest.

Currently, none of our governors are dual governors (none govern other educational establishments).

All current governors are independent to members of staff (none are spouses, partners or relatives).